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Collection no. 1 is our home made collection. Hereby an introduction of who we are. 


"I have always loved making art. Ever since I can remember I've been drawing, sewing and painting. STUDIO SLOW is the perfect combination of having fun, being creative and standing up against what is wrong in the world. My goal is to keep educating myself on how to better the world in whatever way possible. I am always open to new ideas and adventures."



“I’ve always loved all things creative like art and fashion. That’s why this initiative, which combines art with fashion, fits me so well. Working for STUDIO SLOW gives me lots of energy and the fact that I also contribute to a more sustainable fashion world is really fulfilling. ”



“My goal in life is to make people happy and share the thought that everybody is equal. In this collection in cooperation with STUDIO SLOW I also wanted to share this thought and show the people that every piece of clothing can be reused in a unique way”



“Since I was a little girl I always loved drawing, painting and fashion. So working on STUDIO SLOW was the perfect combination for me. I never worked with textile before, but I know for sure I unlocked a new love for working with textile.”


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